Pekin AMBUCS Newsletter • Issue 9: 2017-2018

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 14
Pekin Country Club
6:00pm Meet & Greet
6:30pm Dinner

Program: Shelly Hranka, candidate for Tazewell County Clerk

November 21 - No meeting
November 28 - Ladies' Night


Pekin AMBUCS Christmas Party - December 12th at Mashies

Bring two gifts one for a lady another for a gentleman. We'll also accept donations for a future Amtryke build.

Last Meeting

We had a whopping seven members show up for this week's meeting and Jeff Dill walked away with the 50/50. BIG MONEY. $4

Steve Bresnahan, Candidate for Tazewell County Coroner was our guest speaker this week. Steve has worked for the Pekin Fire Department for the last 28 years. He's an engineer by trade. Steve got involved with the Young Republicans during his young adult days by the prodding of his girlfriend/soon to be wife. Steve said he's had the idea of running for Coroner for the last ten years. He's no stranger to the office as he has performed an autopsy, and as a fire fighter he is a first responder. He has Bachelor Degrees in Social Justice, Fire Science and in Business.

Jim Donohue hired Steve back in the day when the county jail was in the McKenzie Building. As much as he enjoyed police work, the allure of the Fire Department kept calling his conscience. Therefore, he trained and took the test to become a fireman and out of 160 applicants he finished first. Steve believes the biggest concern in our area and nationwide is the opioid crisis.

He believes the office of the Coroner could possibly be a proactive department rather than reactive. He would like to have a crisis phone line set up for kids to call when they're in distress, depressed, or addicted. His goal would be to stop the deaths that occur from overdoses and/or suicides. He'd like to help today's youth make better choices, as he once told an overdose patient that they'd brought back from the brink "dyeing is not much of a living, is it?".

Steve figures every call for an overdose victim cost the tax payers no less than two grand per call. He's aware of one youth who has OD'd 5 times. Figuring the math, Steve believes it would be more advantageous to Tazewell County citizens, to help prevent these issues from occurring rather than responding to them. It's what he believes in his heart.

AMBUCS National Conference

Charlie Blye, Dave Craig, and Steven Bartels represented Pekin AMBUCS at the Conference.

Dave Craig was the National Chaplin for the AMBUCS Fall Conference and Charlie Blye led the Pledge of Allegiance for the National Conference. Dave Craig also served as this year's Auctioneer. The Auction raised a total of $10,200.

Take a look at the Conference shedule and booklet they brought back.


There were no children in Pediatrics this week.

GoodBears November 14 - Jay Hall

As a reminder, GoodBears and Cards are stored at Deverman Advertising.
To replenish the stock at UnityPoint Health - Pekin, just contact Matt Deverman
at 346-1194. He will set out GoodBears and Get Well Cards for someone to
take up to PH 4 North.


Larry Truckenmiller reported that we're waiting on payment for the next Tryke, once received the order will be placed.


Future Programs

Tues., Nov. 21

No Meeting

Tues., Nov. 28

Ladies' Night - Dr. Shelia Quirk-Bailey, ICC President

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Dec. 5

Program TBA

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Dec. 12

Christmas Party


Tues., Dec. 19

No Meeting

Tues., Dec. 26

No Meeting

Tues., Jan 2

No Meeting


If you have ideas for future programs, please contact Steve Bartels.


The editor for our newsletter is
Jay Hall

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What are our AMBUCS neighbors in Bloomington/Normal doing? Find out at the website - They give away Amtrykes but they also like to build ramps.

Check out their Newsletter -




GoodBears Logo

Pediatrics 4 North

Before you go, call


to make sure there are children on the floor. GoodBears and get well cards will be at the nurses' station.

2017-18 GoodBears

We need people for
the open days

November 14
Jay Hall

November 21

November 28

December 5
Terry Finnegan

December 12
Les Turner

December 19

December 26