Pekin AMBUCS Newsletter • Issue 2: 2017-2018

Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 26
Pekin Country Club
6:00pm Meet & Greet
6:30pm Dinner

Program: Mike Unes is serving his third term as State Representative of the 91st District. Mike was first elected in 2010, beating out a 16-year incumbent as a Republican serving in a majority Democrat district. Prior to his service in the Illinois House, Mike served as an East Peoria City Commissioner for three years, where he served as the Accounts and Finance Commissioner as well as Mayor Pro-Tem for the Council. Rep. Unes currently serves on the following committees in the Illinois House: Human Services- Appropriations; Cities & Villages; Economic Development; Insurance; International Trade & Commerce; Transportation: Vehicles & Safety; Small Business Empowerment & Workforce Development; and Elementary and Secondary Education.

Last Meeting

I would like to tell everyone, "Thank You for attending last night's meeting. What a great turnout to hear Jim Robison talk about a hobby turned into a business." - Jay Hall

Jim Robison was our guest speaker this week. Jim is a Falconer who started working with Hawks and Owls in his early teen years. Falcons are smaller than hawks and can fly up to 200 mph when attacking its prey. He handles Artic Falcons called Gyr Falcons. He soon discovered there was a living to be made in raising and marketing Gyr Falcons to the Middle East. A market that he claims cannot be fully quenched.

Jim recently returned from Dubai where the majority of his client reside. One client owns 1,500 Falcons. There are over 4,000 Falconers in Dubai, more than double the number of Falconers in the Unites States. Birds are shipped to Dubai via cargo jet. The Falcons are used in competition races. Jim's birds have placed twice out of thousands of birds. Jim claims the price of one of his Falcons will buy a brand new pick-up truck.

A Sheik was so impressed with one of Jim's Falcons, which Jim claims is "not for sell"; offered Jim a WIFE for said bird. Jim dutifully declined as he is faithfully married.

While visiting Dubai and shopping at a mall a stranger starting yelling Jim's name and telling him how much he loved Jim's Falcons…Jim asked him how he knew of him, and the fellow said "your website".

Check out more about Jim Robison and his Gyr Falcon business at

50/50 won by Jim Deverman.

AMBUCS National Conference

Join us for this unparalleled training and inspiration opportunity!  A lake cruise, a guest speaker, two expert guest lecturers, AMBUCS University, educational sessions and so much more.  All special events are on-site.

Tan-Tar-A Resort is family friendly and full of indoor and outdoor activities, including: fine and casual dining, two golf courses, full service marina, pool and lakeside beach, indoor waterpark, spa, mini golf, bowling alley, arcade and horseback riding.

Learn more at


No GoodBear Report. GoodBear sheet was passed around last night. We need help with filling the days, so please, if you havent already, sign up.

GoodBears September 26 - Bob Ehrich

As a reminder, GoodBears and Cards are stored at Deverman Advertising.
To replenish the stock at UnityPoint Health - Pekin, just contact Matt Deverman
at 346-1194. He will set out GoodBears and Get Well Cards for someone to
take up to PH 4 North.


Larry Truckenmiller worked on a young lady's Amtryke to bring it back from ill repair.



Future Programs

Tues., Oct. 3

Mark Luft, Pekin City Councilman, business owner

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Oct. 10

Jeff Lower, candidate for Tazewell County Sheriff

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Oct. 17

Ladies' Night - Scott Price, candidate for Tazewell County Coroner

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Oct. 24

John Ackerman, candidate for Tazewell County Clerk

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Oct. 31

Mike Eeten, candidate for Tazewell County Sheriff

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Nov. 7

Steve Bresnahan, candidate for Tazewell County Coroner

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Nov. 14

Shelly Hranka, candidate for Tazewell County Clerk

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Nov. 21

No Meeting

Tues., Nov. 28

Ladies' Night - Dr. Shelia Quirk-Bailey, ICC President

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Dec. 5

Program TBA

Pekin Country Club

Tues., Dec. 12

Christmas Party


Tues., Dec. 19

No Meeting

Tues., Dec. 26

No Meeting

Tues., Jan 2

No Meeting


If you have ideas for future programs, please contact Steve Bartels.


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Jay Hall

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What are our AMBUCS neighbors in Bloomington/Normal doing? Find out at the website - They give away Amtrykes but they also like to build ramps.

Check out their Newsletter -




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Pediatrics 4 North

Before you go, call


to make sure there are children on the floor. GoodBears and get well cards will be at the nurses' station.

2017-18 GoodBears

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September 26
Bob Ehrich

October 3
Terry Finnegan

October 10
Jay Hall

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Bill Calvert

October 31
Jim Deverman

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Steve Bartels

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